In addition to the entire world going through a pandemic, Lebanon has been especially dealing with its own problems. A series of never-ending economic, political, medicial, social, even energy crises have not only drained the country from any remaining power regionally and internationally, they have more importantly drained the country's citizens from willpower to withstand those obstacles they have been facing all at once.
The physical and mental impact and trauma on individual Lebanese people is beyond anything a dignified government would ever be allowed to inflict on its citizens. However, calling out the government over and over again won't help those Lebanese, especially if that same government doesn't care about them. This is why, the Dr. Wadih El Hage Foundation took it upon itself to help, with the resources it holds, as many people as possible.
The Foundation has successfully reached an agreement with the municipalities of Kaakour and Zaroun to provide professional healthcare for the citizens of both municipalities for no fee at all. The Foundation will also provide medication for registered applicants, depending on individual needs.
This agreement had already been in force in Zaroun, with already 60 beneficiaries in this small town. A medical doctor has been conducted weekly visits to the town and giving free consultations.
This project will not be limited to these 2 towns alone, as the Foundation will keep on helping as much as it could. It is open to collaborating with more municipalities in the future. 
In these times of need, we will stand by you in any way we can!