Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a newly found coronavirus that causes an infectious disease. The majority of patients infected with the COVID-19 virus will have minor to moderate respiratory problems and will recover without needing any professional treatment.
Elderly people and those with underlying serious medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory illness, and cancer, are at a higher risk of having serious consequences.
The virus is mainly spread through nose discharge and saliva drops when someone infected coughs or sneezes, according to the World Health Organization.
Almost 2 years after the pandemic's breakthrough, the world finally has a vaccine that puts an end to the tough and frustrating times. As a medical organization, we believe in the power of science.
Therefore, with great pride, we announce that the Dr. Wadih El Hage Medical Center is now an eligible center to get vaccinated!
Appointments are taken every Monday and Tuesday, from 8am till 2pm.
Walk-in service is also available during that time!
For more info, you can call 04288660.